Funny bugs bringing good luck and winnings

Do you want to sit comfortably on the couch and get a prize beer? This is a good incentive for many players, but who would have thought that bugs have the same predilections? After playing the game slot Happy Bugs, you will realize that the bugs are inclined to an imposing life no less, and they like to relax completely. Well, play on the Happy Bugs slot machine and take a new look at the insects, appearance ofwhich is usually a little joy. In this game they are very cheerful guys when they take a sip of beer.

As symbols in Happy Bugs Slot Machine, you will see beer jars (the wild symbol), a chamomile symbol (the scattered symbol), a sofa (this, of course, is a bonus symbol), a larva, a ladybird, a cockroach and an ace, queen, jack and ten. The symbols in the game slot are animated and have corresponding sound effects when they drop out in winning combinations.

A sofa is a bonus symbol in the game. You should get three or more sofa symbols to run the bonus game. In the bonus game there are twelve cans of beer in front of you, from which you need to choose your prize. You can win either free spins or a multiplier.

If you drop 3 or more characters of a cockroach on an active line, then a bonus game for beer will automatically start! When 4 or 5 characters start a bonus game, then the winnings multiply by 5 or 27 times, respectively. In the first stage of the bonus game, you need to select drinks. Continue to choose and win prizes, until you find a mug, under which Get is written. In such a way, you get access to a new stage of the bonus game called Happy Flower. Here you need to select a beetle to determine the multiplier.

It should be said that the bonus game is also drawn and implemented with a proper sense of humor. Getting into the bonus game, you see the characters sitting on the couch, and a funny cockroach puts one paw on the other. You choose a mug of beer, after which a larva drinks it, and you get bonus winnings for beer.

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